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Loki Tane White Chase
29 November 2007 @ 02:06 pm
048. TEN things that you're thankful for.

1. Mom.
2. Dad.
3. Phelia.
4. Jaccob
5. Open woods.
6. charcoal.
7. Oil paints.
8. Mom's paintings.
9. Ophelia's insight.
10. Dad's love.

Muse | Tane White-Chase
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Loki Tane White Chase
17 October 2007 @ 05:19 pm
040. TEN people who have saved you.

1. Ophelia.
2. Jaccob.
3. Dad.
4. Mom.
5. Little Tane.
6. Mel.
7. Ophelia.
8. Mom.
9. Dad.
10. Jaccob.

What can I say? Most people don't want to save someone like me and they've all saved me more than once. Just as much as some of them have dammed me.

Muse | Tane White-Chase
Fandom | Original Character
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Loki Tane White Chase
TEN things you wish you hadn't learned as a child.

1. Within five minutes blood from a dead body is no longer sweet.

2. Fucking and fighting are the root to happiness.

3. The world is a trash can.

4. Nobody else matters but yourself.

5. Attachments are futile.

6. Death is a constant.

7. Your parents were liars.

8. Flesh is best warm.

9. School is useless.

10. Never trust anyone.

Muse | Tane White-Chase
Fandom | Original Character
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Loki Tane White Chase
TEN lives you've never lived/could have lived

1. His whole life he’s been a test subject for the doctor that delivered him. His mother died in childbirth, only alive long enough to give him a name. Tane has always wished he could ask her the significance of his name. Nurse Marie-Clair has always told him his mother was beautiful but there are no pictures. Dr. Rusik tests his changing ability, his tolerance for drugs and pain. Tane doesn’t remember what it’s like to not be a test animal. He’s always been one.

He has been outside the small compound/house that he’s kept in only once. The smell of the woods enticed him and he wanted to run away, chase rabbits and feel the weight of the moon’s call and just be fucking free.

The collar around his neck went off, shocking him into submission and he was out cold.

The punishment he received for attempting to run away left him in a coma for days.

2. He was born a werewolf, his mother his only companion. At a young age he was attached to her, he felt connected to his mother in a way that probably didn’t seem normal to other people.

When they met Y’hanna and were captured by the vampire he was so young he barely remember’s life before that. His mother was defiant but Y’hanna turned her, sipping her blood and feeding her his. Tane watched, not knowing what was happening.

Bella was in a torturous state for weeks, her body attempt to fight both traits of vampire and werewolf. Tane, even at that age was afraid his mother was going to die.

She didn’t but she was never quite the same. Once Y’hanna was sure that Tane would not die if turned he bit into the child’s skin and filled his mouth with blood.

Tane howled at the pain his body produced.

When he was sixteen years old he turned the girl he loved, she went crazy with the change, her body unable to handle the attributes of both vampire and werewolf, his hybrid blood too strong and too pure for a human body to handle.

His mother kills herself in a bathtub when he’s seventeen. She’s gone completely crazy but she’s been like that her entire life. Y’hanna says he’s Tane’s father but Tane knows there’s a man out there like him, half like him with dark fur and eyes that will make him feel safe.

When he finds the man he knows is his father – his mother’s sketches didn’t do his eyes justice – he’s older and bitter and when Tane tells him about his life his father lunches at him and growls in his face.

When he tells him Bella is dead he howls and keens at the loss. When Tane leaves he’s no less empty than he was before.

3. When he’s four years old his mamma gets pregnant with a little girl. Tane lays his head on her stomach and listens to the little sister that’s moving inside her belly.

His father takes him out to the woods in Hubbard Lake where they live now (most of the time, sometimes they travel and live in hotel rooms and Tane likes to pretend they’re king wolves touring the country) and they run like someone is chasing him. He’s faster than his dad but he lets him win sometimes to make him feel better.

They get back to the house and mamma is cooking dinner but something she does makes dad mad. They fight sometimes, yelling and screaming at each other but in the end Tane knows that there’s something special between his parents.

There’s a letter at the door that Tane opens. A bone drops out and he calls to his dad.

“It’s a bone, like a finger!” Tane shouts, proud of himself.

Tristan stills in his move towards the door and he looks at Bella. Tane doesn’t understand but he knows his parents are scared, he can feel it and smell it permeating the room.

“We’ve got to get out of here,” Mamma says, holding her protruding stomach protectively.

Dad’s next to him, picking Tane up in his arms but the door crashes open and a man he's never seen before grins at all of them.

Tane doesn’t like him.

4. When Ophelia is four years old his parents ask him to take her out to the woods and play around. They’re both on edge so Tane takes Ophelia around the back of the house and they both peer into the window as their parents fight about something.

When someone he’s never seen before comes into their house Tane tenses up and Ophelia is beside him shaking.

They’re mamma told them they were going to have TWO new brothers or sisters and both of them were sad about it but Tane knows Ophelia doesn’t want anything bad to happen to their siblings either.

Tane’s sure his parents are going to be okay but then the man whose face is scarred all ugly throws his father around and then goes for his mom. He doesn’t really think he just changes and runs into the house to protect his mom.

When it’s over he’s got the thick coppery taste of werewolf blood in his mouth and violence in his eyes. His mother clutches Ophelia to her tightly and his father is standing over the broken and bloody body of the man who tried to hurt them.

Tane sees a tear in his father’s eyes but he’s doesn’t say anything. Mamma takes Ophelia to the bathroom to clean her up but Tane refuses to go too, his dad is struggling to get the man’s body out of the house and Tane wants to help. He’s only eight but he’s bigger and stronger than he should be.

They burry the man in silence, dragging him towards the cliff where his mamma goes all the time. His dad is so quiet and Tane can tell he’s in pain.

When they pat the ground flat his mamma and Ophelia are there watching, nobody says anything until they get back to the house and Ophelia tells him he looks like a wild animal.

His parents laugh at that and his mamma makes me go wash up then but his dad just kisses his mamma in that way that he does when he wants her to know that he loves her. He gives Ophelia a kiss on the head and tells Tane it’ll be okay.

Then he goes out, Tane knows he’ll be back.

When he does he smells like the lake and his eyes are red. Tane heard the howling when he was washing the blood from his skin.

The four of them fell asleep in the king sized bed in Tristan and Bella’s room. Ophelia between them, Tristan’s arms around them both and Tane holding his mother on the other side.

He liked the taste of blood.

5. Ophelia was asleep in her room and Tane was sitting opposite Jaccob in the kitchen. The older man’s face shone, his scar’s jumping out in the moonlight that slipped in through the window.

“You’re staring at me kid,” Jaccob says, a smirk on his face.

“So?” Tane says back defiantly.

Jaccob smiles, “If you want something from me kid, just ask, you know you’re my favourite. Just like your pops.”

Tane looks at him, idea’s flitting around his mind. He’s thought about doing things with Jaccob he probably shouldn’t. When the older man changes into that deep red furred wolf Tane feels himself harden in his pants.

He wants to know what it’s like.

Tane shakes his head, “I don’t want anything from you Jaccob.”

He likes to lie sometimes and he’s stubborn, Jaccob says he’s just like his father sometimes. There are some things he’s not going to be like his father in.

6. “Go, get her, now.” Jaccob’s voice is commanding and deadly.

The woman is lost and Tane just wants to help her, he’s only ten but Jaccob says he needs to grow up already and become a man. He says he’s got to taste ambrosia and become a god.

Ophelia stares, looking tired and a little scared.

“No,” Tane says turning to his mentor, the only person he has in his life besides his sister whose only six years old. “No.”

The fist against his jaw makes a sickening crack and it echoes through the woods.

7. He packs one back and sneaks into his sister’s room, when he wakes her up she only has to look him over to know what’s going on. She’s out of her bed without a word throwing clothes and a picture of their parents into a bag.

Tane is fifteen and Ophelia is eleven. They’ve been with Jaccob for a few years now but in his gut Tane knows this is wrong. He loves the man, he does, in a way he can’t explain but it’s not right. Nothing is right. So they’re leaving.

When they crawl out the window and head down towards the subway Ophelia is silent but determined. She’s been waiting for this day for years now. Tane’s just sorry he couldn’t be this strong sooner.

“Where are we going?” Ophelia asks finally breaking the silence, she slips her hand into his and his fear is quieted.

“It doesn’t matter, just away from here,” He says with a deep breath.

He’s seen the changes in his sister and he thinks that maybe that’s why he’s doing this now, before she can be nothing but a ghost of herself.

“Thank you,” she says quietly and he just squeezes her hand tightly as they make their way down the stairs to the subway.

8. When they do the spell it sends them to the moments before their parents die. Suddenly they’re in the room and Jaccob is standing over his mother, having knocking Tristan away and without warning Ophelia is on the man’s back and tearing into him.

His parents look on shocked and Tane takes a moment to look at them before joining his sister. Jaccob manages to knock Ophelia away and she screams at their parents to get the kids and get out.

He doesn’t know why they listen but they do and Tane is knocked to the floor as Jaccob goes after Ophelia. He tears out her throat and Tane feels rage bubble up inside him as he pulls out the silver knife his mother gave him when he was a boy. He slide the knife into his mentor’s heart as the man slicing the skin of his neck, opening an artery.

The Tane whimpers and crawls over to Ophelia’s lifeless body and holds her as his blood coats her skin.

9. He shows up outside Melissa’s work to apologize to her. He’s got a bad feeling in his gut and he just wants to be with her.

He feels a familiar stirring at his spine and turns, he swears he sees the flash of deep red fur in the tree’s outside the restaurant but he shoves it off as she tentatively approaches.

“Hey,” He says softly looking at her. He’s so fucking in love with this girl but he can’t help that he’s totally fucked up.

“I fucked up Mel, I’m gonna fuck up because I am fucked up. You know what I am, how I was raised and it’s not an excuse but I love you and I just … I’m sorry.”

She looks at him and sighs, like she’s mulling it over.

“You’re an asshole,” she says, crossing her arms over her chest and she reminds him of his mother in that moment, it makes him smile.

“I know. Marry me.”

She stares at him, shocked. “What?”

“Marry me. I want you to marry me,” He pulls off the necklace he has, one of his mother’s old rings that he always keeps at his heart. Tane walks towards her and offers her the ring and his heart, it’s all he has.

“You want me to marry you? Tane you’re insane,” She says but he can see the smile in her eyes.

“Yeah, I know. I’m a werewolf I think it’s in our blood to be a little off kilter but I’m completely serious and I fucking love you and I want you to marry me.” He looks at her, “Are you going to make me beg?”

She looks like she’s considering it then her lips are on his and her hands are tight in his hair and his arms are tight around her.

“Is that a yes?” He asks with a laugh.

“Yes you asshole,” she says, grinning and kissing him again.

10. The second born is not Ophelia anymore and he knows it bothers her, just like him babysitting himself is kind of strange in that way that makes his head spin. He thinks he’s going to grow up this time being called Loki instead of Tane. He’s really not sure how he feels about that.

Leto Icarus White-Tane was born when Loki was two years old. The baby was healthy and his wolf form developed days after his death, he was a mixture of white and dark fur that was a beautiful blend of his parents.

Loki was fascinated by his little brother and Tane just watched in his own fascination at himself and a child he’d never met while Ophelia sulked in the corner.

He knew she was insecure about her own birth and Bella did everything she could to make sure Ophelia knew that there was no way she was living a life without having her daughter.

Tane wondered if the twins would be conceived as well. He remembers his mother trying out names. She always said that they’d be named (even if they weren't called that) Artemis and Apollo because she was sure they weren’t identical.

Clearly Bella had a thing for Greek and Roman names. He figured that she got it from her mother.

It was the moment he saw Ophelia laughing and playing with Icarus that Tane knew everything would be alright.

Tane White-Chase
Original Character
Loki Tane White Chase
04 August 2007 @ 11:07 am
TEN people you wish you could meet

1. My mother’s mother.

2. The first werewolf.

3. The doctor who delivered me.

4. My father’s mother.

5. The person who killed my parents.

6. Galileo.

7. DaVinci.

8. Shakespeare.

9. Nostrudamas.

10. Socrates.

Tane White-Chase
Original Character
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Loki Tane White Chase
TEN people Tane wishes he’d never met

//locked from his parents and jaccob//
1. Jaccob Waters. It’s not that he doesn’t love Jaccob, it’s not how his father loved him. He loves him like a mentor and someone who took care of him as a child. He can’t believe Ophelia’s theory that Jaccob’s the one who killed their parents; he just can’t, not unless she can give him proof beyond nightmares. It’s that he thinks maybe if he’d never met Jaccob he wouldn’t have lost his parents and when it comes down to it, he’d give up Jaccob to have Tristan and Bella back, no question.

2. Melanie. Knowing love and loosing it hurts more than he can bare sometimes. He thinks that saying “it is better to have loved and lost …” is bullshit.

3. Y’hanna. The vampire who tried to turn his mother when he was barely 6 months old. He remembers the man. He remembers the plan to make a powerful Werewolf/vampire hybrid. Y’hanna was going to test the changing out on his mother then him, since he was pure blood. Thankfully his mother got them away. He hates Vampires.

4. Giovanni Fera. The man who watched him change with fascination and hunger in his eyes. It wasn’t the kind of hunger Tane was used to. It was the kind of hunger for wealth, he’s sure now, that there was tabloids and finder’s fees dancing behind the man’s eyes.

5. Jean-Pierre Dubois. His grandfather. The man who never bothered to look for his mother after Sauri told him she was pregnant. He’s the only person who ever bothered to track the man down. He was on his death bed in Montreal when Tane found him, alone, during the two weeks his sister ran away. Jaccob was too hard to deal with so Tane left as well, but only long enough to watch “Apollo” die.

6. Shane Julius. His best friend growing up. When they lived in the woods of Michigan, not too far from Hubbard Lake but far enough away so mom’s old friends didn’t think it was strange. Shane lived on the other side of the lake. He drowned three days after Tane’s parents died. They never found the body. Those memories are just a reminder and the reason he hated attachments.

7. His great-grandfather. Hope doesn't spring eternal.

8. Mina Galley. The woman he killed. His first kill, he read her name in the newspaper the Sunday after it happened. They called it a wild animal attack and a tragedy. He can’t disagree.

//locked from ophelia//
9. The person Ophelia becomes when she fights with Jaccob. It’s like he doesn’t know her sometimes.

10. Himself. He thinks if he was never born his parents would have just had his sister and not have died.

Tane White-Chase
Original Character
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Loki Tane White Chase
02 August 2007 @ 08:31 pm
TEN (worst/biggest) mistakes or failures

//locked from his parents and jaccob//
1. My parents death. I might have only been eight but I wasn’t a normal eight year old. I know I could have helped my dad some how. Helped him save Mama. I know it.

2. Ophelia found them first and she still has nightmares. I was supposed to be watching her that day but I wanted to chase this rabbit through the woods. I told her to stay put and I’d be right back but she didn’t and when I got back to the house I heard her crying.

3. Melanie saw me talking to some girl and she was pissed at me when she died. If I’d just told Lisa to go to hell, Mel would have been with me. Not alone so some bastard could kill her.

4. Not stepping between Phelia and Jaccob’s fights more often. It would get brutal without any blows being thrown.

5. I didn’t visit my parents grave the last time we went to Hubbard Lake.

6. Forcing my mother to kill a man. It was her first kill and I know thought about it a lot.

7. My dad and I were fighting when he died.

8. Sometimes I think I ruined my parents life. They weren’t perfect and they fought like hell, brutal fights with blows exchanged by both of them but they loved each other.

9. Loosing it to Jaccob. When you think about it real hard (or not hard at all) it’s sick and twisted. There’s just something about him and I was fourteen.

10. When I was eighteen we had to move quickly and Jaccob burned down the house we were staying in, he was destructive like that. I didn’t grab the photos of my parents and Jaccob wouldn’t let me run back into the blaze to get them. So now, Ophelia and I have nothing left of them.

Tane White-Chase
Original Character
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Loki Tane White Chase
02 August 2007 @ 08:16 pm
10 Facts about Tane.

//locked from his parents and jaccob//

1. Both his parents are werewolves; therefore he is more wolf than human.

2. He reached his developmental peak early in his life, he was forming full and coherent sentences by the time he was two years old.

3. He watched his mother kill a man to protect him; he was still in wolf form.

4. The first time he met his father he was two, he vaguely remembers finding his mother unconscious on the floor just after his father arrived.

5. His younger sister is a brat but he’d die for her.

6. He lost his virginity at 14 to his guardian/father’s maker, Jaccob. He knows it was more of a power thing for the other man but he’s been infatuated with him ever since. He’s heard Jaccob say ‘like father like son’ more than once.

7. He has the clearest memory of finding his parents bodies torn to pieces; he could tell from the scene that his father died tried to protect his mother. Fuck he misses them.

8. His first kill was at age 10, Jaccob by his side and Ophelia trailing behind. She watched with Jaccob as he sank his teeth into a woman lost in the woods that night.

9. He is from the future. He was actually born in the year 2006 on the summer solstice.

10. The only girl he ever loved was murdered. He still doesn’t know who by but he figures by saving his parents he’ll be saving her; even if it means never meeting her or knowing what it feels like inside her.

Tane White-Chase
Original Character