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i don't bite


Loki Tane White Chase
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Loki Tane White-Chase is 20 years old and he's from the future. That may sound a little far-fetched but it's no less true. He is the son of the werewolves Bella White and Tristan Chase. He, along with his 16 year old sister Ophelia, have gone to great lengths in order to return to their past and save their parents.

Unfortunately for the duo they arrived a little early. Tane has hopes that they will be able to affect events that will keep their parents alive. In this time he is but a year old and Ophelia isn't even an apple in their parents eye. Of course, Tane knows, he was never quite an apple in his parents eye either.

Both of his parents died when he was eight years old, killed by another werewolf but he does not know who. Jaccob Waters, his father's maker took the two young children in after their parents died and became Tane's entire life. There is only one person in the world he would die for though, Ophelia.

He learned the arts from Jaccob just as his father did. He learned a lot of things from the older man. And despite Ophelia's dislike for their guardian, Tane respects and loves the man. He is, however, not looking forward to meeting him in this time.

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Disclaimer: I am so not Drew Fuller. Tane is from my head. He's for use in the Ten Spot. Thnx.